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For the love of Ghanima...

They are eternal

We are eternal...
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This is a community for fans of the pairing Leto/Ghanima from the Dune books and Sci-Fi movie as well as the pairing of the actors who play them: James McAvoy and Jessica Brooks. Everything is allowed: icons, fictions, videos, wallpapers, colorbars, pictures.

1) Refrain from flaming other members. Otherwise you'll be immediately banned from this community.
2) Please, try to stay on topic.
3) If you're posting graphics, please put them under a cut!
4) No posting anything that is not related to our pairing. For example, if you have a huge icons post for Children of Dune but you don't have any Leto or Ghani icons, don't post them here.

Other than that, WELCOME!:D I hope everyone has fun here!

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Made by rustedboredom

Made by rustedboredom

Made by rustedboredom

Made by rustedboredom